Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy mothers day and one month.

How to let this day to all the mothers out there. We love you you all the best mothers to your furbabbys. A special mothers day wish goes out to all the first-time mothers may your first Mother's Day be filled with joy and happiness.

Today marks one month since the fire broke out in my apartment. I have not been allowed back inside and it looks like I may not be allowed back in in the foreseeable future. It's very sad to me because I believe my stuff with nonfat damage but I have no access. This required me to have to replace stuff. It sad thinking I know my burrow is fine but yet i cant get it and i need a place to put stuff. I was able to go to Ikka and they gave us 500 gift card we then spent about 500 more. Let me tell you I never going back there again. It takes two hours just to walk the floor then you have to go pick up your own stuf it was 4 hour trip. We did get a Pong chair just like Kazie Chase and Latte. My mom also saw a cute cat hut she almost got for mu shue. He used to have a wicker one he loved. I like to say I sorry for the lack of updates and thank you all for the gifts. Iris want you all to know she loves loves loves her new moucie and her long tailed purrple and bule mousie and her catnip pupple and bule one. I saveing one set for her to play with her grizzy quit. She loves to hide mousie under things then go in for the kill. I was able to exachange some rewards points of my creit card toget a digtal carma. I all need is bartttys and a memmory card and I good to go. I try and put new picuter as soon as i get it up


Mickey said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to your Mom!!
Is is so nice,that after all you have been through,you still have each other!!! Things still cannot be easy,but I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

Purrs Mickey

NinjaCat said...

We hope we can see a picture of you guys soon!! Wishing you a happy Mother's day and all the best.

Brenda & Ninja

Lisa said...

Laura - I have a 2gb memory card and some rechargeable batteries with a charger that you can have. Just email me @ elefanlisa @ with your mailing info.

Lisa said...

Me again. I found that wicker bed you have on your Amazon wish list on another site for about half the price. I'm going order it and have it sent to you. A little birdie gave me your shipping info. :)

ML said...

Happy Mothers Day, Laura, to you and Mu shue, Lilly Lu and baby Iris.
One month. It seems like yesterday and it seems like forever.
How sad you can't get back to retrieve whatever might be okay.
I think all the cats of the blogosphere should go poop on your property people's pillow. Woofies, hamsters, buns, horses (!!!), whatever, one great big pooping party on their pillows.
Be glad when you can post photos again, just can't wait.
Love & Purrs,
ML, Missy Blue Eyes & KC
and the rest of the bunch

Quasi said...

Happy Mothers Day! I know it's sad to lose your things, but we're all so happy that you're okay.

Boy said...

Happy Bewated mother's Day to your Mom! Can't wait to see pictors of your guys soon!

Tiger Lily said...

We hope you all had a happy Mother's Day! We did not get anything for Mom but we did snuggle with her a lot.

Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus