Thursday, May 1, 2008

wiat one second mu shue (iris)

i been so lucky this week i got mousie and other toys as you all know all are toys were in are mousie shaped toy box in the fire. sigh so they no good any more. But this week i got some new ones I LOVE TOYS yesterday the best toy came one those long mousie with the tail. Oh it was so much fun. I love to play catch wiff mama and there i was playing and Mu shue came long and grabed it by the tail and dragged it back to his hideing place. I was so mad. He stole the most wonderful toy in the world from me. My mama said to just let him have it. But we talking a long long tailed catnip mousie i love this thing I had no choice but to pounce on him. I got sent to time out and i yowaled and yowaled becuse mama Laura shut a door on me and i do not like to be away from her for one second. But in the end she pulled out the zoom groom so mu shue and i could both be groomed and we were happy. I need another long tailed mousie though

Oh yea i have one more thing dose any cat know how to get lilly lu to stop doing her poop in the connner of the room insted of the box. She dose manged to pee in the box but refeing to poop there.


Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. Those stoopid dogs like to steal my mousie!!
I wish I could help with Lilly Lu's problem, but I am bad only when I'm cranky with mommy.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Did you change litter? Mittens was doing that and then I realized I had switched to Tidy Cat, very heavily perfumed. She prefers the cheap Special Kitty sold at Wal-Mart.


camerakat said...

Some cats don't react to change well, you might try restricting her to one room with a litter box in it. Toni is right about not changing the brand of litter. Try an extra litter box in that corner she favors. Hope one of these helps.

The Cat Realm said...

I think cameracat is right: offer her an extra litter box in the corner where she poops.
I think once life normalizes a bit she'll stop doing it!

Bogdan, the editor said...

I was going to say what camerakat said. Lilly Lu just went through a big trauma. Maybe she just needs an extra litterbox in her corner for right now.

Pixel said...

Did you send a Message to " Maureen" Yet from the sidebar message?

ML said...

Missy kept pooping in the corner of our living room, we finally put another litter box there. Problem solved.
Figure she was telling us where she would like one. Hee hee.
Our first week of auctions for you ends tonight, so you should be seeing a little money in your Paypal account by tomorrow. Hope this will help with your day-to-day expenses, such as the special food for their diets, litter, maybe some new toys. You can check out what Deb and I did at Deb & ML's Auctions.
Take care,

Zoolatry said...

Hi there, we need some pictures of Iris to make her Purrthday Card... all we can find is her kitten picture; can you email some? We have lots of Lilly Lu... thanks, Maggy & Zoey from Zoolatry.