Friday, June 18, 2010

quick updare

Hi everyone i going to make this a quick update. Every thing is about the same, Maxie is starting to eat some can food but as i said the process needs to be slow but it also needs to adjust his feeds as before we did not want him to feel hunger but now we do it a proccess of trile and error .
I just wanted to share with you what maxie braclets are going to look like. Ashlynn said there need to be the paws on both end and helped me with the collor they are the same collors used in maxie grizzy.
alot of my time is spent taking care of Maxie it takes about an hour to get a feed ready. his tube feed need to go in the blender then though a strannor then they need to be put in sringers . The gets sringers of water and cokie for just in case a big sringernge to cheek how much he has in his tummy and then draw up his meds. He gets between 4o to 60 tube food every i hours along with medicantion. then we look fot pain sing chewing of his mouth extra swalllowing if we see any a dose of pain meds we also have amazet for under the skin injection if he looks like he naunauous.
that means my day starts at 5 and ends after midnight by the tjme the last load of laurnry is in
I like to thank all the kind pepole who have helped us with maxie shirt and vet bills it means more than you know,


The Lee County Clowder said...

Hang in there, Maxie. We all purrrrring as hard as we can.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

We're also purring for Maxie, and also for you. You're an extraordinary human for everything you're doing for sweet Maxie.

Marg said...

We are sending tons of purrs to Maxie too. We are sure glad to hear that he is a tiny bit better and getting a little food down. And Maxie you have the most wonderful Mom to take such good care of you.
Prayers coming your way too.
Those bracelets look great.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad to see some progress, although we realize Maxie still needs the surgery. We don't know how you're managing all this. Maxie is obviously very loved. We hope you are able to rest when you finally get to bed.

pansylovr said...

Keep up the good work...miracles happen if we give them a chance...
Purrs and prayers,
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in Illinois

Angel and Kirby said...

You are a very good mom to help Maxie! We can tell how much he is loved!