Saturday, January 24, 2009


we wanted to post this on the 22 but the internet were mama abanded me to was bad and she said it would have to wait till she got back so here it is.

Mu shue passed on to the bridge six mouths ago. His stone is set in place. Mama feels like she finaly is at peace Iris and I have one last mu shue favior to ask as you all know mu shue was a hero he never wanted to be called that he just thought he was doing a man cats job. Dragging Iris out and saveing us from smoke. We nomated mu shue for best fur sibbling plase vote mu shue it mean so much to us
She said All that can be done here on earth for mu shue has been done. A hero/king has been given a space fitting for him.
She said Now she contrates on building a better reationship with Maxie. Knowing Mu shue wants that
We see you at the bridge big guy....... we love you .... and always will


Boy n Beethoven said...

I WILL vote for him!


Angel said...

We will vote for him as soon as we learns how! He was the greatest. We did not have a blog at that time, but Mom followed his story every day. She knows you miss him cause all his freinds miss him too!

Eric and Flynn said...

We will vote for Mushue. Did you see we dedicated our Friday Flashback to him on 23rd January?