Friday, February 17, 2012

fahion show firday

Today for Fashion show firday I wanted to show you my pink hounds toooth dress this dreess is my winter dress i love the black blow it matches my nose and my spots pecfecty  I was so exicted for a fashion show i not had one in a long time

But I willl nit work under these condtion the Big Oronge fuffy ball is running my shoot I demaded better paymet and a  ginger free house hold  There must be Ice cream and Wipped cream on a spooon as I am a super moddle  Get rid of the Fuff ball now   


Angel and Kirby said...

We have missed your fashion shows. It has been a really long time! Yo need to slap that orange fur ball for ruining you shot!

Have you considered turning off word verification now that they are using two words that are hard to read?

Sparkle said...

I love that dress, Lilly Lu! We have problems with the photo shoots here too, except it's a certain tortie that gets in the way here!