Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Hero-Versry Mu shue

Two years ago today mama went to work kissed us on the head and told us she loved us and left us in our compment. She never went back into compent. She came home around 3 to find out we were trapped inside and a Fire was raging though the building. We went missing for a few days why the world prayed something happened.

Mu shue my big brother and the man cat of the hosue picked up then babby iris and helped me get out of the compemnt to a safe place I was not feeling well as I just had sugery to remove stones . About 3 mouths latter our hero went to rainbow bridge but before he went he found us Maxie who We love (most of the time) Iris has a freind in Maxie and Maxie truned out to fill big paws and has truned out to be a man cat.

Today the building we used to live in sit vaction all the conctroton has stoped all the Lights are off and it is dark with a big gate around it. The compmey that owed it went bank curop and sold it then that compney went bank croup and sold it again. How ever they cant knock it down due to it attached to another building

But today we rember Mu shue Has the hero he was and always will be. We sure he watching over us. Mu shue we had enough rain we get the idea Now stop the rain. we miss you. Happy Hero versy I sure if there is a boston market at the bridge your probely eating your chicken with a side of Nip up there wifff your wife Muffin and your sole mate Kayla.


Angel and Kirby said...

We were praying for you those days you were missing. We know what a true hero Mu Shue was. We know you miss him very much. Mom was amazed that it had been two ears already!

ML said...

We will nefurr furrget that horrible day an poor Mom Laura... all of us feeled so helpless. When it seemed like tha worst had indeed happened, that was when we found out how much of a hero Mu shue really was.
We's proud to haf known such a wonnerful, brave cat.
Love & Purrs,

Harry Spotter said...

What a story you have to tell. Poor momma must feel terrible, you nevee know what can happen when you leave your house. Glad you made it out and you are right, they are at the bridge eating all the treats they can eat.Sending you are hugs, puurs, and prayers.

Eric and Flynn said...

We are thinking of our friend Mu shue today. He really was a true hero and will always be remembered.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We are teary just remembering that terrible time. It was terrible for us and we weren't even there. But it doesn't seem like it has been two years already.