Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Maxie Report

Hiya all my freinds. I just wanted to let you know I am okay i recoved from my stabbing and dr rogges said i am a okay. She said I a scary kitty becuse i have a tendney to be all purry and cuddy then one on mewo one hiss and i am done done done and i got to being mr attack cat. She said she willing to try but have sadtion on hand next year.

Mama always wories when i get sadated i have weird reactions. Like i once was walking into wallls and this times i was vomting and poo and peed in my cage and my left eye did not fouce untill morning. But after a good nap sticky goodness and some chiky treats i was much better

By the way LL blood work came out well too



Noll's Nip said...

Hoorah for a good report! Who can blame you though from going from purring to hissing in a moment's notice.

Katnip Lounge said...

Way to go Maxie, Keep the v-e-t guessing! Congrats on the good
xx Lounge Kats

Angel and Kirby said...

Some of the most laid back cats can turn wildcat at the vet! WE are glad you are all OK and the sedative did not give you any lasting ill affects.