Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Tamtic day

Sunday was My gota day did i get any gifts fashion like requested. NO not one Any ice cream or wippy cream on a spoon. Even a slice of cheeese NO.

At mindnight my food was taken away so Maxie could go to the vet. Then about 1;00 mama said LL want to play Fashion . Me OHHHH fashinon you got me a new dress.... Mama ... well no LL it not new but still cute. well okay I get all dressed up and start to pose thinking there ice cream for a mondling sestion. do i get ice cream no I get shoved in my PTU. and said LL your going to see DR rogers you need blood work

Then she lets the big Ginger thing out on the sceaned in porch and gets the Feline way and sprays and srays his cage. Then she closes the door puts on body lifting gloves and a winter coat and lets Maxie in and catches him quick and he fights going into his ptu but he goes in ,

Then we drove 30 mins to Dr rogers were they Stole blood from me and Pee too . The best part was watching them stab Maxie and steal blood and pee from them too.

Then I got shoved in a cage while mama ran eeerrons becuse Maxie need to wake up. Mama came back after an hour .

Then on the way Home I had to drive in a sticky car becuse Maxie pee poo and Vomited in his cage and it smelled smelled smellled.

When I get home do I get Ice cream for all my trubbles No nothing. Mama keeps saying Oh maxie i hope you feel better becuse his eye was crossing. He fine this morning

I so mad ....... It is not okay to treat me like this for my gota day ... I calllied The MSPCA but they laughed when i told them it was Lilly Lu abuse Mad mad Mad ....



Kea said...

Oh, Lilly Lu, how awful! No treats for your Gotcha Day or to make up for the ordeal at the vet? That's just not right.

But my goodness, poor Maxie! We feel really awful for him and hope he's okay--hope that you both are okay!

Furkidsmom said...

Maybe there is a surprise Gotcha Day party coming? Or at least extra treats????

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

The Creek Cats said...

Oh noes!!! You definitely deserve treats after that ordeal!

Happy Gotcha Day!

Katnip Lounge said...

We will send a can of spray whipped cream right away!
xx Lounge Kats

Angel and Kirby said...

Happy Gotcha Day! We are sorry you did not get treats and had to go see the vet! We hopes you and maxiw are a-OK!

Harry Spotter said...

That's terrible, how cruel and in human treatment. She owes you big time. Hope you get treats and loving for your gotcha day. Have a great weekend and I hope you are both ok. Keep us posted on your tests.

Marg said...

Lilly Lu, there is no excuse for that. You should not have to go to the vet on your Gotcha day.Surely there will be treats soon for you. Hope you have a great week end with lots of treats.