Thursday, March 15, 2007

thusday 13

Mu shue is going on his raido cat treetment on moday so Iris and I are making a list about what we going to do while the big guy is gone. Hay how about an All girls party

1. Sleep on Mu shue sun chair ( Iris)

2. rool on all his prime nip ( iris)

4. uses extra buddy cat (iris)

5. Sleep on big bed ( lilly Lu)

6. sleep in desk bed ( lilly Lu)

7. not be tail chaced for a whole week ( Lilly Lu)

8. be treeted like a queen ( llly Lu)

7. eat his share of temp-tay-tion ( lilly lu and Iris)

8. drink from his water foution ( lilly lu and Iris)

9. play feather with no being chaced of ( lilly lu)

10. thow an all girl pary ( lilly Lu and Iris

11. Miss him like crazy ( lilly Lu and Iris)

12 cuddle wifff mama Laura cuse she be sad and missing him too ( Lilly Lu and Iris)

13. Update his blog so all cats can know how he doing do you fink he mind it if i truned it pink wiff a few Lilly Lu on it ??? ( lilly lu)

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Hahaha, that would be funny to put some pink things on his bloggie while he is gone! It will be nice of you to update his bloggie while he is gone because I know we all want to find out how Mu shue is doing.

I think an all-girls party would be a good thing to do while he is away!