Tuesday, December 25, 2007

our furry frist kittymiss

I stayed up last night and traked santa. I was a bit worried becuse right before santa came i was not so nice to Iris. But santa over looked it any ways. I got every fing on my list including a pink blanket for one my beds. I started my morning off at the crake of dawn opening gifts wiff mama and the BG. Mr BG made a speical bresfest for us My stocking was a hello kitty pink stoking filled to the brimb wiff dairy tem-tay-tions and fancey feast. Then I moved onto my gift I be modleing all my new fashions soo but frist i need to nap on the new pink blaket and then pass out in my new bed.

Iris was furry happy santa left her tons of fev-ther and mousie and tem-tay-tions too as well so some premo nip

Mu shue got these expesive cat treats he loves and some yowal catnip toys nincliding a youwal catnip cady cane. He also got tem-tay-tion

there was a note that said Dear Lilly Lu i got your letter the rest of your gift are in the fridge and frezer. Yup there was a whole gallon of ice cream gift wiff a bowe and a whole small thing of milk to wash it down wiff and a can of toona juice. Man I was in feaven

Mu shue was a little grouchy cuse santa said his heated cat cup was back ordered and he did not get him a new grizzy.

Mama got lots of gifts too she been wanting these boots they called Ugg boats and the big guy got her them they 199 boats. Mu shue tryed to inspect them since he has a foot thing. {he one starge cat} mama said no mu shue not thers well he got a little mad and when she was not looking he caughed up the bigest messed sticky hair ball know to cat kind on the boats. Mama said No mu shue not my swade boats I not sprde them. He said that teachs her a lesson. But he got sent to his "time out hut"

while MR BG went to his mama house to help wiff din din mama did her family terdtion wiff her brother they went to the movies. She saw Sweeny Tood she said it dark but she liked it alot. Then she went over to the BG parents house and they exachged gifts and ate din din. Mama said it was yummy.


Pixel said...

I am so glad you got everything you wanted. I love christmas

THE ZOO said...

We hoped yall haded a Merry Christmas.

The Cat Realm said...

We wish you very happy holidays and a wonderful new year!
Karl and the rest from The Cat Realm

NinjaCat said...

It sounds like you all had a great Holiday!! All the best to you and your family in the New Year!

Ninja & Brenda

Boy said...

Yay! Wots of pwesents for evewyone!