Friday, February 15, 2008

spring traing up date

This is Scilling he was there even though he was injered what decation to a great tema
Of course My Paplublm was there. He talked to the meedia I aslo enjoyed a pree secon dance wiff him

They warming up and getting ready today they going to have phicals meet wiff the preess and tomrow they have there frist offical work out life is great when smell of base ball in the air. My boys never dispoint aww yes it already spring...... speeking of the smell of luff

Did you see JH won he great and tanted and handsome he loves baseball like me we just got to do somthing about this yankees blue fing as Bosox red is much much better but enough said

Here what the judges had to say

"One of a kind""Not the most polished of all the valentines, but vary hartfelt.""He is vary skilled at love poetrey. Hoo else cood have fownd a rime for "bosox red"?"I loved the littul annymated heart arownd the logos on the caps.""Far and away the most orijinul.""What the....?"

what do you mean not the mooost pooshied i loved it poooshied or not. And who needs all those poshed when you got a great tabby tanted great freind like my JH !!! Awww i so in luff.... oh wait I cuddling my red sox shirt......

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Kimo & Sabi said...

You are furry lucky to have such a great Valentine dood like JH!