Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lilly Lu's story

Lilly Lu was found in a shelter I was told she'd been returned three-times and was unadoptable. there were lots of kittens in the shelter but I'd bonded to Lilly Lu. They told me that Lilly was to be put to sleep that Friday. How could I let Lilly go to sleep I needed her to fill my heart. So that very day I filled out paperwork and asked them to hold the Lilly to that Saturday when I could pick her up.

Four weeks before Lilly Lu. I had lost my cat Kayla to FIP. Kayla's live life was marked by bluebirds. When I adopted Kayla performer foster mother told me she had seen a bluebird on her way to drop Kayla off to me. On the way home with Kayla I too saw a bluebird. Mu shue my other cat could not wait to meet Kayla. They soon became best friends. Kayla would vomit a lot. It was not your normal vomit it was like a yellow bile. I took her to the vet a lot. One day the back asked me to task her for FIP. The test Turned out positive. When talking to Kayla old foster mother she told me about Tufts. A made an appointment and met theVet who would Change our lives. On the way to Tufts I saw bluebird. I knew I was in the right place. Kayla did have FIP. But the vet at Tufts gave me nine great months with Kayla.

On the way home to work one day I took the long route they are sitting on the sign of the shelter was a bluebird. I drove up the driveway to the shelter and sitting on the roof with a bluebird I walked into the shelter in that Lilly was called snowflake. They told me Lilly's story and I was in love. On my way out of the shelter sitting on my car with a bluebird. I knew Lilly was a gift From Kayla on my way home I said I know Kayla.

That Saturday I picked up snowflake and changed her name to Lilly. The real name is Lillian named after the vet at Tufts. Her middle name is Kayla after the angel who helped me find her. All went well with Lilly for the first five years she had one mild upper respiratory infection and some teeth issues. All until 2007 when her food was recalled she stopped eating and developed fatty liver syndrome. She recovered and rebounded. A was not sure she would recover and I prayed to Kayla give me a time that very day two bluebirds landed on my patio. I had lived in my apartment two years and never once had a bird landed on my patio. Lilly got better and I knew Kayla was watching out for her.

This year Lilly got sick again. I took her to the vet and asked for bloodwork a urinalysis be done. I also asked for an appetite stimulant. The vet refused. Stating he'd only to bloodwork as he did not want to start her on the wrong meds. Blood work came back high in calcium. To bounce around I'm not too worried and also were kidney level was elevated. But called and said well you might want to get an ultrasound. On the ultrasound they discovered she had one large kidney and one very small kidney. They said a looked like one had died in the other was making up the slack. I pointed out Lilly was not eating well. They said they would keep her for three days. That Sunday they told me Lilly had stones and she needed surgery I asked about a payment plan. As their cost with over $2000. That Monday I received a call back and was told there are no payment plan and was asked to leave $800 for her surgery to take place the next that. The vet told me she was in pain I left the $800. I got to the vet that Monday night and was told her surgery would be delayed a day because they were retracting her calcium level. I called back Tuesday night to see a my cat and was told she was ready to go home. I inquired why wasn't she having surgery. They explain their waiting on blood work that would take about a week for them to get back from Michigan State. My vet bill was all paid for and I had a $200 credit I asked about having the money put back on my credit card and they stated we don't do that. Lilly went home and did not do well. They asked me to bring her in the following night after they contacted me about her calcium being normal. I brought her in they took some blood and gave her some fluids. That following day they contacted me telling me her calcium was up again. And they thought she had cancer and I needed to go to a higher vet. They suggested Tufts University school of veterinary medicine. I knew there was just one doctor that Lilly could see. I knew in my heart that this doctor would do me wrong. I told them I wanted to see the doctor who it taken care of Kayla.

I called Tuffs. And was told that the doctor would not available until Monday and she makes her own appointments. We played phone tag all day Monday. Finally Tuesday I was able to get a hold of her she killed me she had an appointment the next day at 1:30. While she never remembered me she remembered Kayla. I told her how Lilly was named after her and she was touched. And I was right she would never do was wrong. Lilly went through many test including a bone marrow biopsy. I prayed to Kayla send me a signed let me know that it's going to be okay. That day there was a lot of traffic on my way home I took a back road I noticed the name of the road with Lillian way. Sitting on the sign with a bluebird. And I knew Kayla was still watching. Lilly did fantastic with her surgery to remove all the bladder stones sheet on sub q fluids at home and an appetite stimulant. But is doing fantastic.

It's funny how life twists and turns. Almost 6 years to the day of walked out of Tufts with Kayla's Vowing never to be back. And here I was sitting with the vet gave me nine months with Kayla and Lilly was named for.

Lilly's vet bill comes to $4363.83. so far I have earned a little over $300 with donations. I am very thankful to each person who is donated and helped me save Lilly. Lilly has now used three of her nine lives. Once on that day I found her in the shelter wants with her fatty liver syndrome and now once we kidney disease. Thank you for helping me save Lilly a wish it could reach that the computer in hug each cat who's prayed and purred for Lilly. Her story does not end here she needs to go back the vet on the week of April 17 for some more bloodwork. No one knows what Lilly's future will be all I know is that I'm fortunate enough to have a gift in my life name Lilly Lu.

I've had some questions about how Lilly got the got her nickname Lilly Lu. Most of you know 'Mu shue name name is Mu shue's name is Mu shue pooh. And I always say Mu shue pooh I love you. Then I turned to Lilly and saying Lilly Lu I love you too and I do love Lilly with all my heart.


Boy said...

It is a vewy nice stowy of Wiwwy and Kaywa.
I'm puwwing on and on that Wiwwy will get better and better and better and better!

Karen Jo said...

That is a wonderful story about Lilly Lu and Kayla. I think Kayla is still looking out for Lilly Lu. I am so glad that Lilly Lu is home now and doesn't have to go back to the vet again until the 17th. I hope and pray that all will go well with her from now on.

Riley & Tiki said...

It is sad that vet bills cost so much. Mommy got financing through the vet and used credit cards for Vincent. He has been gone for a little over 2 years and we still have around $1300 left to pay, so we know it is hard. We are purring that Lilly Lu gets better quickly and feels better soon.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we love the bluebird signs - that's so sweet! it sure is scary how much it costs for vet bills. the Lady is trying to save up to get us pet insurance, but that's lots for 5 kitties too. we're sending love and purrrrrrs!

HotMBC said...

We's glad Lilly Lu's proseejures went well. We're still sending her lotsa purrs to get all well soon. It's good to learn bout Lilly Lu's story too.

The Cat Realm said...

What a story! Lilly Lu sure has Kayla as a guardian angel. It is horrible to have to pay so much just for keeping someone healthy - health care should be free for all people and animals! Yes, I am a dreamer sometimes.....