Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lesson learned at the new apt

It me Lilly Lu here I got to tell you all the furry big lesson iris and I been learning at the new apt. One Iris is much more relax on procac she sleep alot more but she still and Iris fouce to be reced with she had some major wappage this week. Mama put up 3 shelfs irsi thought it was fun to climb up wap picketer off the shelf see mama cry then get upset becuse she need to get her self ressuced

I have decoved a new habbit I love toe biting. This is almost as good as blatter walking. Both will get you kicked off the big bed. also I have decoved that If you do these things at 3 am in the morning you will be thown down the pet stair ment for Mu shue to get up to the bed and then You will just have to repete this again as nessary untill you get your self in your sister thown out of the room. After this happens it pays to have a sister who a meezer becuse she can Yowal at the top of her lungs. Then you mama will get out of the bed to see whats wrong wiff her that then gives you the opratintie to do this again.

Iris here again I decoved the best place for mousie the new couch can not sit right up agaist the wall becuse it recining furry nice mu shue spends hours on the new couch. I decoved this is the best place to play mousie becuse you have a space just big enough for me to play with and then you can climb the new couch from the back and watch Mama Laura and MR BG face trun red and steam poor out of there ears it fun. I might try it again latter today

Lilly Lu here I forgot to tell you the other great part of the new Apt is the big fat window sill with are grizzy all on them it purrfect for napping I love it more than anything

Mu shue faviort part is his food bowl and water fountin her said he going to need engery to fight this Lyphimba thing so he needs to eat up. Thats are brother we could never do anything with out him


Honey P. Sunshine said...

we are so furry happy fur you and that yoo luf yor new apartment

Daisy said...

I am so glad that you are getting all settled into your new place!

NinjaCat said...

We are so happy that your are adjusting to your new digs!! Sounds like you are having some fun.

Ninja & Brenda

Karen Jo said...

You are finding out lots of new and fun things in your new apartment. I am glad that Iris has calmed down some.