Saturday, July 26, 2008

mu shue jobs

Mu shue was put on earth in a time in my life were i had lived thought the worst I had come back to a place I had no attachment. The one thing I did not need is freinds. I made sure to cut my self off from every budy, I was in Fitchburg to study get my deegee and leave. I was not staying. I could never have imanged that Mu shue would become my pet. I saw him a few times hanging out from under the window of my nabiors apt. I never would have imagned he be mine.

Shorty after i got him my nabior was goign to help me give him meds he was digoused with an upper resporty infection. She shorty after started to refused I had no idea what to do but let him go out side. He seemed happy to go out side I was sure he was gone. The next morning came by i heard a mewoing at my door it was Mu shue he brought freinds about 8 of them. I took mu shue in and said I can only take care of you right now. I find something for you buddys. I found them a new kill shelter who voltreeted to trap them spay/ nuter them/ find them forever homes in retunren i voltree one weekend day a week for the next year. It truned out to be 3 years. All the cats got forever homes. Just like mu shue always helping sombuddy in his mu shue kind of way.

That same year a stay dog came out side my apt it looked like it was berrly makeing it. I gave him water and bought him dog food and convised the vet she need another dog and he was the dog for her. Mu shue would just sit at his window and mewo. They day he was taken to the vet mu shue seemed happy like a job well done. I still get updates from the vet a few times a year Blacky goes to work with her every day. She was so sad to hear about mu shue she sent me a large doation to the winn feline foundation in his memory.

About year and a half passed and saw sing at the vet for a calico cat at this shelter. I looked at mu shue and said would you like a sister. He just sat in his carrrie all huffed up over a dog. I loged onto the web sight there was a feachered cat name Voilet. he jumped on the desk and started to head bonk the computer. I said you want that cat as your sister he purred.

I filled out an applacion and boom before i new it I was haveing Kayla in my arms. I was sure he be upset after all he such and alfa cat but he sat out side her door for days mewoing till i final give in. Kayla hissed twice and they were cuddling toghter by the end of the night. However Kayla time on earth was shorten by FIP the dry form that lead me to the great DR C who has cured Lilly Lu so far. Mu shue was always keeping kayla out of trubble if she get somewere she was not allowed to go or not safe he mewo like there was not tomrow to get his kayla back. when kayla was passing on I came home from work to a very upset mu shue who lead me right to her so we could say are goodbyes. Another one of mu shue Job done well

Mu shue touched so meany pepole. It was hard not to love him Even my mom house keeper was crying over the passing of him she taken care of him for me a few times she said he was the very very best. I always loved seening him.

Mu shue could trun a non cat lover into a mu shue lover. For example my dad. He not a big cat fan. He did not want mu shue in his house. The frist time I brought him home he had to spend the night on the porch. The weather quickly got too cold and insited he be aloud in the house.They tryed the kicken but he was able to bock his way out he ran to what became the cat room. By the end of the weekend he was in my dads lap. My dad came to his furreal and said I miss him already he was truely the best Thank you. My dad owns Prince Mu shue Jr and princess now. another job done by mu shue

Mu shue stayed with me though meany changes in my life. i finley found a creere i liked and the man i am going to merrry. I have a family. he stayed to make sure they were alll okay

Mu shue saved Lilly Lu and iris from the fire he became know for that but he was relly just saving another life just like mu shue knew how to do. I will beforever greatful for what he did.

When i moved into this apt the girls were having turbble adjusting mu shue hoped out of his carrrie and acted like this was home the girls followed his example and never had a problem since.

When mu shue came home two weeks ago he fouced him self to spend time with lilly lu and iris too almost like he was getting ready to say his goodbye to them

On the last vist to tufts on the day he died he jumped into the front seat of the car and into my lap and was kissing me the whole time. Like he knew and he was sayig goodbye. That was just the type of cat he was selfless to the very end. He had lots of "jobs" hear on earth. i sure in heaven he has a ton too. I sure there is a very speical place for a very special boy I am proud to have called mu shue my cat my best freind my hero.


Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

What a beautiful, loving tribute to Mu Shue. It brought tears to our eyes. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you cope with your losss.


Laila, Minchie and their mom

Daisy said...

I think Mu Shue's most important job was to bring love and joy into your life.

DaisyMae Maus said...

That was a beautiful tribute, Laura ...

Mom asked me to ask you if you're still living at the same address as she has a gift for the twins that she wants to put into the mail. Please email me at daisymaemausATcoxDOTnet ...

DMM and the Feline Americans

Keisha said...

Rest in peace, Mu Shue.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Mu Shue was a special cat. He is one of our Heroes...

Marilynn said...

I love reading about Mu shue. He clearly was an exceptional boy, and you all are so fortunate to have had him in your lives -- and now to have such fantastically terrific memories of him.

We love you all -- and, since I read your posts after this one, "all" includes Maxwell! Congratulations!!


Marilynn, Grace & Company