Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lilly Lu's 13 tips to being a plused sized supper cat modle

I luv fasion It so much fun I have such great cloths so I thought I give some tips to other cats

1) find a mentor - Mine is skeezix. I would bever know anyfing wiff out hinm

2. Dont forget you collor is an accessory. My collor is a dimmnond velvet collor wiff Lilly in dimonds

3. Be cute give the look I call this working the camra

4. make sure there plenty of temptaytion aroud / as well as sticky goodness

5. Incress your wardrobe. Demade more kote outfits Stand on top of you koyto close and stop your paws till you mama gets you more

6) Evining were is furry imported to one wardobe Black dose make you look skibny

7.) bows look great easply big one they discating to the eye

8) all ways have something cofublue to were for just in case you have to tree climb wiff spome one speical

9) have something for every sesions

10) You can never go wrong wiff pink

11).Have something for every major hoiday this was my easter dress I am a safe easter Lilly

12) spots look great they also distact the eye

13) never be afaried to root on your team as a plused sized super cat modle i feel it my duity to root on the Red sox


Daisy said...

Even more great fashion tips! I do not think I am a plus sized model (yet). But I can use many of those tips. I think I need to demand many more outfits, too. And you are very right that you can never go wrong with pink!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

You're such a great model! I have to rely on watching all of you because I really don't like to wear clothes.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We don't ware any clothes but we love seeing yoo and the other fashonistas dress up.

yao-lin said...

You look absolutely stunning darling!


Anonymous said...

You make a great model love the clothes.

jeter harris said...

verree byootiful LL,
yer a grate model ... an, btw, yer not a plus-size ... yer floofy!
i'll meet u at da track!