Sunday, April 1, 2007

Opening day for my beloved red sox

Aww it that time a year again were the flowers are starting to bloom and the smell of spring is in the air. And better than That the boys of summer are back in play Aww yes it spring time in MA . It opening day for my beloved red sox!!!! I so excited I got my tv tooned in and I got my red sox shirt on and I ready to play ball. Just rember to rub my spots for good luck!!!! I luv baseball time !!

I there for you sox just rub my spots for good luck and will be playing base ball in september too!!

I am all dressed and ready to go just let me know when i am need i been practing mewoing in jappenes too GO RED SOX !!!!!!!!!!!!


jeter harris said...

oh LL ... i havta say ... u look byootiful in yer pink red sox shirt! i'm thinkin ... would i ware a yankeez shirt? i dunno!
heer'z to a grate yeer fer both teemz ... an may dey meet in da world seriez ... an may da best teem win!

Daisy said...

Wow, Lilly Lu, that is a cute baseball shirt you have! There are so many cute baseball things, I might have to take up that sport.

Anonymous said...

Lilly Lu you look very beautiful in your pink shirt.

Seth Martin said...

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