Saturday, February 13, 2010

I back

You see some nasty human left some nasty commitent on my blog about my twin hummans. It kinda of fipped out mama, So she made me stop but it been so long so she said okay but I can't show picuters of my twin sticky beans or the new sticky bean. So thats the ground rules I got to follow but i can tell you about me and Maxie and iris.

Maxie just truned 3 it was a low key clelbration since mama was away for a mouth. He asked for only one gift becuse things are tight wiff out mama working anymore. He asked for Bubba nip and we got him a Bubba nip box. He such a nip head.

Maxie: Lilly I not a Nip head. I can stop at anytime i want. I just like nip alot.

Lilly: Nip and plastic trash you a trash boy. You should go back to a trash can.

Mama Laura: now now Lilly he your younger brother be nice

Helth wise it been pretty quite areound her one trip to the vet for eye infection other wise things are good. Knock on wood looking for maxie head

I had some sad new Muffin Maire Pooh Mu shue wife passed over to rainbow bridge into the loveing paws of Mu shue who was waiting for her there wiff his beloved sole mate Kayla and Muffins sole mate Mikey gosh the bridge is getting so full we also sad becuse one of are most favoret hello kitty catster freind Rocky Anne (RA) passed to the bridge i be going HK just for her.


Mama Laura: Lilly Lu i told you once i told you twice stop being mean to maxie.

Iris is doing well she has calmed down quite a bit this year. She still has brust of engery but not like when she was a kitten or when she frist met maxie. I promice i try and blog more


By the way girls Maxie needs a vantine he said that he going to make ashlynn his vancitine


Angel and Kirby said...

We have missed you. We are sorry nasty humans try to ruin the blog for for you! We are glad all is well and hope to see more of you!

We are sending purrs to you and your friends family's that lost kitties.

Daisy said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!