Monday, February 15, 2010

I dont think so LL

Maxie here last night i was sleeping in my cat bed when who is to walk by but LL she said to me I lilly move your bed belongs to me. I said LL mama Laura got me this bed for my gota day i sleeping go away. She said No maxie move i want your bed I am the queen i ordering you to move. No Lilly I sleeping streach. Maxie I going to get you to move she trys licking my ears. Lilly I too tired i napping. No Maxie i want that bed next she trys scraching me wiff her paws . No I staying Lilly. Next she tryed to do the full monty in front of me and scrach me wiff her paws. when that did not work she tryed pushing me over wiff her paws to sleep in the bed any ways. Then she plops down on top of me and said I can sleep in the bed if i want to you no object for me and you sink and smell like poo you might conder a bath. Then I get up thowing LL off and we walk off toghter

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Angel and Kirby said...

Maxie, I don't think you won that round if you both walked off!