Saturday, September 25, 2010

It been too long

My mama has neglted the blog I am furry upset wiff her i have alot to blog about. So about a week ago maam noticed that i ( maxie) was so very very very tired I need a nap to get to were i wanted to nap. She suppected it was the medication i been on if your on it along time it can make you ohhh so sleepy So she tryed playing with the dose to see if i needed it anymoe well i do and i not eating as well wiff the reduced dose i only ate 4 of my 6 oz of samon last night and that is my favort. IF i not better on monday she call dr C again.

The good news is i have more engery And I can have nip party and LL got involed trying to groomm me in the middle of a nip party and i had nip rage Maam gave me a time out for it. I been able to hide in conners wait for LL to pass and jump ringt on her pinning her to the floor or better yet chaining her into iris who chacer her around the house back to me so i can pounce on her again. Iris and I both laned up in time out more than once

Yesterday mama went to pet smart to get litter and litter liners and she was looking in the toy section and found this matt blanket thing with a mousie in it and a featers on it and she said this look like a maxie toy if i ever saw one. she was not going to get it becuse i have lots of toys and it not my gota day and chonnanka or x-mas or my purrday or the ansversy of me being found. But then she herd a voice in her head it said why do you need a special day to cellbreat maxie every day is special with maxie becsuse your so thankful for him so it okay to get it. I glad she did becuse I love love love this toy I sleeped with it all last nigh showed it to my buddy in crime Iris this morning and to LL so they know just how special i am

I going to give you a quick brup update. Are Burp M. is going to be two on october 8 mama said when every one was two it was by by binky ( pasifire) This only ment Ashlynn and M. As Dylan had thown his out at 9 mouths and never looked back since. So today is a very sprical day for the girls the Binky Fairy is comming she going to leave gifts tomrow the girls hung there binkys in the trees so the binky fairy could take them to little tinny babbys

For Holween Mama thought they would not mind if she choces there costums so she picked a cute witch for M a cute black cat for Ashlynn and a Cute Bat for Dylan she found them from potty barn kids and they had matching treet buckets.

ashlynn started in with she not being a cat she wants to be a pink princess how could i do this to her? I could not love her becuse I want her to be a Black Cat.

Then Myla started in if ashlynn going to be a pink princess I want to be a memmaid

then Dyan if the girls get to choice then i do to i want to be a farmer with a real live horse and a cow

Well it took some doing but we reaching a comperized Ashlynn will be a pink butter fly pinness with a butterfly treat bucket with her name on it. M will get her memaide and will have a fish bucket. And Dlyan will be Money with a matching bannna bukcet mama how to exchage and the casher said awww you did not ask the kids what they wanted huh...... Oh well you win some you lose some.

Thats the news around here



Angel and Kirby said...

WE hope you are feeling better Maxie. Poor Lilly Lu, You and Iris need to stop chasing her!

Sparkle said...

Oooo, so you are one of those kitties who has nip rage, Maxie? Binga is like that too. She can be a mean nip drunk! I'm sorry to hear you're not up to speed right now - I hope you feel better soon!

Karen Jo said...

I am very glad that you are feeling so much better, Maxie.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Maxie, we hope you are feeling better now - it stinks that it is hard to balance the dose so you aren't too tired, but still want to eat. We are glad you were feeling good enough to have a nip party!