Sunday, September 5, 2010

A talk with an animal communicator

We've decided today is maama Laura's turn to blog

Maxie has become kind of fussy and is eating the love a flavor in the next cynicism knows about the same flavior. So I decided to go with an animal communicator he will live up my beautiful ginger boy. <

A friend mine had recommended Dawn. She said I wouldn't be disappointed. And I surely wasn't.

We started off with our conversation talking about Maxie. The first thing maxie said
was that he really loved the outside but he really wants access to the outside and that it was sad that he didn't have the outside. He said he used to be outside all the time.

I told her there was no way Maxwell was going outside that I had seen a least a dozen missing sings this summer there were coyotes in fisser cats in the area.

He also said that he gets a little lonely at nights that he very much sleep on the warm bed with the little girl. He's not very hungry on the fact that I give him tons of flavors he knows there'll always be something the next day.

He also told me he lets his food with some gravy straight out of the can. He misses dry food a little bit and it would be a preference if he could have it. He likes his room he would prefer to be free all night but understand. He said without the medicine that he felt crazy when I restarted it was starting to feel a little more hunger. He said I did the right thing by him. I had a hard decision to make. He says he has no more pain

We next moved on to lilly lu. Her first words i am hurgy there's usually food here. There's always something better on this side of the door. I had to laugh because she was searching for Maxwell from right at that second. She next said that she doesn't like loud environment she does love me however is more instink for her to run. She is comes from a line of feral cats. When asked why she did not eat her dinner last night she said I was sure there was something better on the side of the door I could have this morning.

I asked her about Mu shue. But how she felt about him. She said that he never liked her very much he was always giving her a dirty looks and was very possessive of me. And she knew he was my favorite cat. He was always telling her to stay away from me so that's why she stayed away. She was a little sad when he died she said it wasn't the same. She said Maxie and Iris sometimes get on her nerves. It led to hiding conners and pounce on her. She said Maxie doesn't do as much anymore. She said she loves her home and was so thankful. The only pain she have a she says of hurt to pop stools are very hard, she also said he very much wants contact with the ground at all times.

Iris was full of energy. Her main Complate with there's not enough hours in the day play on that I got to sleep at night and I put away her favorite toy won't make too much noise. She also said she doesn't like seafood she'll want it the chicken flavored food.

We then moved onto to mu shue. The. First sentence to me hello what took you so long. I'm fine with my kids I'm with my sister and love are very much. A hat or ask about the fire. He said he'd hidden inside a desk and try and Iris in however Lilly Lu did not fit as she hid somewhere else. He said the worst part of the fire was all the noise that the noise really bothered. He knew what was coming back and that I would find him a once the noise seltted he told the girls it was safe and took a nap.

He said he was never in pain. But he felt like he had the flu all the time. He said he just drifted away and that he knew I was sad sometime they wanted me to love again.

Kayla Said I'm here with my Baba he takes very good care of me. I met him here I'm okay

overall it was so glad I use an animal communicator to really get into the mind of my Fur babbys. Really helped me alot to understand them


Sparkle said...

That sounds very interesting! My human wants to try it. As for me, sometimes I wish I could find a human communicator - there are times when I have NO idea what my human is thinking!

The Island Cats said...

How nice that you got to talk with Mu Shue again! Our mom said she would like to contact an animal communicator to help her understand what's going on in our heads!

The Creek Cats said...

Oh this is so interesting!! Mom think an animal communicator would help with our issues with getting along with one another.

Angel and Kirby said...

Very interesting!