Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our thoughts on Thusday

Mama Laura it is all your own fault that we woke you up at 3:25 am Yes I did have to give LL the Take down at thar time in the middle of the bed and when we were done chace her around the house  like a her tail was on fire I can just catch up on my sleep during the day you can too so stop winning and take a nap. I don't care if your busy during the day and stop not letting me nap becuse i get grouchy when i don't nap leading to more 3:25 am smack down Iris and mikey were involed too But why am i at fault  tje smack down just need to happpen and I do not like getting locked out of my speical quilt  on the big bed


Angel and Kirby said...

Maxie, you are the big brother, therefore you are the leader and you get blamed for it all. That is just how family's work! At least you were not on the head of the bed and put your foot, claws and all, in Mom's face when you were smacking your sister who was growling and hissing to tell on you!

Sparkle said...

That's right, Maxie, you are just doing your thing! Why should your human get upset about that - anything less and it just wouldn't be you!