Sunday, January 27, 2008

easy like a spotted sunday morning

My mama Lasura is back and I had a very hard night I wanted sticky goodness at 2 am so i body walked mama laura. I hid from he for a few hours becuse i was trying to show her who the boss was. I also did my number two in the conner becuse mr BG did not keep my litter box they way i think it should be keeped. And when i sat on mama Laura face it dose not mean i want dairy temp-tay-tions they a plus but i want sticky goodness. I just going to sleep in this sunday morning I want a biger bed i fink this one dont fit any more. I was eject alnog wiff iris from the bed room and the big guy got to stay becuse mama said she dont kick out old guys who know how to sleep. I know how to sleep i do it all day long just not while i am hugry


Eric and Flynn said...

If you want stinky goodness at 2am, of course Mama laura should get out of bed and get you some. You did right walking over her to wake her up.

MoMo said...

Body walking is very effective in getting things done. The other is toe biting. Always works!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Body walking (speshully on da bladder), face sitting and howling like yoor in sereeus trubbul always works..