Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thusday 13

Mama Laura and the Mr BG are talking about building a house for us I want a walk in closet and dressing room and photo stuido just for me so I have some meany cute outfits i out grown my small one fashion draw and my out of date outfits have been put in storge this is UNEXPECBELA i am makeing a list of reson way I need my own walk in closet.

1. It would be easer for you to help me dress for fashion show

2. Daisy has her own closet

3. I could sort my outfits by sesons

4. I would be able to do more photo shoots

5. I could have a rack for all my acessorys

6. I let Iris look at my closet ( as long as she don't touch any of my fashions)

7. I could put a cat bed in it and i could nap

8. It give me great joy to know that my fashion were taken so well care of

9. You could spend the money that you would have spent on takeing me to the vet in countion cost( it time for my yearly)

10. It would alow me to have more space for my cute fashions

11. I would not have 2 any fashion beucuse i be able to tell what i have

12. I could share a very very very small part wiff the burpy thing ( as long as it dose not touch my fahions)

13. I bet i could make it a tax dection


Black Cat said...

Yes, you should definitely have your very own walk-in closet:) xxx

Boy said...

You're so nice to share!

barb michelen said...

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Ariel said...

All good reasons I hope they work and you get your closet :)

Artsy Catsy said...

Lilly! Lilly!! The Gizzy quilt you had Millie's mom make for us just got here ... and we LOVE it!! It's pink and green so it will always make us think of you, our most wonderfullest friends!

Thank you so very, very much ... and I promise to share it with my staff.

Hugs & Snuggles & Headbutts & Purrrrrrrs,