Monday, March 31, 2008

Careing for Lilly and Mu shue

it me laura I thought i post tonight about what it like to care for Mu shue and lilly Lu so i just to give a glimp into are life.

Up at 5:30 am

Refill mu shue water bowls and fountins mix mu shue food with water pick up mu shue put in front of food bowl.

6:00 fill dry food bowl mu shue gets a mix of 1/3 low reside kible 2/3 kiddney kibble.

Lilly gets her special bowl with 1/4 a cup of dry food followed by 1/2 can sticky goodness

6:10 watch lilly eat her food

6:15 Grab mu shue give him his inhalare give him nutral cal depending on how he ate

6:30 Lilly Get 150 CC of Sub q fuilds

6:45 Lilly get 1/2 table of her apptie stumlite followed by nutralcal

6:50 - scoop box

7:00 Work

Home 2;30- 2:45 scoop box if now poo from lilly more Nutracal

home -6:00 lilly gets 1/2 cup kiddney food followed by more sticky goodness

6:15 Mu shue get his ihalara

6:30 - Lilly get 50 cc of sub q fuilds

6:45 Lilly get 1/2 table of appttie stumlinte

6;50 scoop box

7:00 tuseday Mu shue get 200 cc of s-q fuilds

7:30 scoop box

10:00 sooop box

It is very imporetnt I monter both there in and out put becuse of there kidneys


The Cat Realm said...

Scoop box appears A LOT in that list!!! How is Lilly Lu feeling? I hope she is not too uncomfortable....

meemsnyc said...

You are an amazing bean! That is a lot of caring for Lilly and Mu Shue!

Black Cat said...

I agree, that is a lot of caring, but I know you feel they are worth it. Is Lilly Lu feeling better? I do hope so:) xxx

Mickey said...

You do such a great job caring for your kitties that have health problems ! You are a good Mom to the cats and will be a great Mom to your little blurpy kids!!!! :)
Purrs Mickey

Junior said...

You are such a loving Meowm to do all this! meowm has been worn out with another cat in the house and she doens't have to do near as much as you are doing!

We are purraying for all of you!!!