Friday, May 28, 2010

A maxie update

So we wanted to share what happened to Maxie as we have a more frim time line.

One week ago thusday mama took maxie too her noamal vet for teeth cleaning she knew dr lennord he was to only do teeth cleaning she was not very found of him for anything else but this is what he dose mostly clean teeth it was routine and maxie has had cavitys in the past. So to monter his cavity she took him in for a cheek up.

She spoke with Chris at the front desk the conversation went something like this

1" Hi Laura your droping Lilly, Maxie and iris off for dental"

"yes sings form can you leave Maxie collor on also can you make sure he awake when you send him home he was bummping into walls last year i don't want any problems"

Yup we take good care of them they wont be ready till after six

Well okay i pick up around 6;30

Fine, you can call after 1 to see how they are

Mama called at two and got the following report form Dr Lennord "Lilly is Lovly Iris is loud went down meezing woke up meezing and Maxie has his issues"

Mama Laura oh i thought he might be growing out of that. No way we we placeing the Iv in that cat he be ready around 6 come and get him as soon as you can around then

Mama laura well okay

She calls back at 6 Hows My babys are they ready Oh yup yup yup come get them ASAP espsley that maxwell.

Mama Laura takes pays.

A tech comes out Maxwell is still very sleepy ... Mama Laura I rather not take him home then No No just lock him in a room he should be fine."

Mama Laura gets him home he starts mewoing loudly and vomits black brown stuff calls the vet

Maxie just vomited black.

Dr Lennord: oh no it nothing he did have a fur ball but it nothing.

Mama Laura : Umm i dont think that it nothing becuse this is not my maxie he looks funny j

Dr Lennord: Oh no it weird but no reson for it. He fine fine fine jsut dont give him any water

Mama sepearts us and puts Maxie in her room.

Every two hours she had to lift him up and take him to the box to make sure he was going.

the next morning she finds more brown vomit.

Calls the vet: Ummm I like Max to be see he very sick form what ever was done to him.

Chris: well we supper busy we relly dont have time to see Max this morning you know with his issues and stuff it will just take to long maybe dr rogers this afternoon.

Mama Laura: I takeing Lilly to tufts at 11:00

Chris: good take max too i think that would be the best for every one.

Mama Laura calls the Great Dr C who said sure I love maxie bring him in

DR C give mama Laura some medison and tells her if he not better to bring him back in on monday she on vaction but she cheeking in

Mama Calls tufts and gets a phone call Bring him in we want to see him Aspa by 3:00 dr stone wants to see him

Dr Stone admitts him dose blood work xrays and givs him and IV.

He calls her back by 7:00 Maxie has a swollon esphous and phomina probely from asparting but i dont know why he will not eat. will you come in and feed him

Mama come in with nip and all his faviort food he eats a bit and thows up Dr stone agrees to do an ultra sound.

He calls mama and said there somthing in his belly I like to do an endospey and remove it.

He calls back your going to need to sit down for this his espouus is all burned from the reflex i never seen anything this bad probelm is how will it heal will it heal fine or will it heal scarring and need more sugery. he has a tube in his stumic we need to talk about it. He probely in a great deal of pain I put him on pain meds. I need to talk to your vet. Mama said the one who did this was Dr Lennord and I see Dr Rogers but she leaving i dont know what to do

Dr Stone calls back What i think happend was a fur ball got loged in his stumic and when he reflex it burned his espouous and they let him go pretty druged up so he could not express pain yet becuse he could not mewo also the reflex was caused by poor positing under anstina and not watching him.

Dr Lennord calls: never once to say he sorry but wanting an update on maxie.

Mama Calls back and tears his head off. Did you hate Max that much?

Why would you not take care of an ammminal who need your help?

Why did they refuse to see him?

Why do you hate Maxie

Do You know he Lilly lu, Iris and my daugters best freind

How do you expect me to tell my 2 year old that you made him sick and now he has a tube becuse you did not care?

Did you know my Two year old crys out for him every night becuse he helps put her to sleep?

Why do you hate Maxie

He has over 2000 in vet bills due to you who going to pay those. I want my money from the dental back.

This is not the frist time you done this why do you always refuse to act when my amamals need help you always make them worst.

I never ever ever want you to touch look or see or even think about my cats again.

All he could say was I did not know i never seen this before. I promice i never touch them again I write it in there chart. Look Dr Rogers love Maxie i know she leaving but you owe it to her to keep us updated. I love Dr Rogers But i hate you. You have no idea how much i hate you. I hate you enough that I will never bring max back there ever ever ever you hear me. I pray that Maxwell will be okay. DONT THINK ABOUT HIM YOU MAY MAKE HIM SICK. I HATE YOU.

Not once did he answer any of my questions or say sorry. The more angery i became at him the more he tryed to defend him self.

So were we are now is Maxie has to have a feeding tube in his stumic and mama going to have to give him all sorts od meds though his tube.

Maxie is starting to feel more Maxie he hiss again. He loves this Dr Stone. I each person i meet at tufts i fall more and more inlove with the care expect the front desk can be a little rude. But it truely the best care in the North east.


Angel and Kirby said...

Lilly, we are so sorry poor Maxie has been through so much pain. He is a sweet brother ans we are purring big time for him!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Poor Maxie!! What an ordeal he went through !!!!!! We will purr very hard so he will get better. He is lucky to have you !!

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Katnip Lounge said...

Hang in there, Maxie and family! We are praying and purring HARD for all of you.
Some people just lack empathy for animals (and people as well) and maybe they are in the wrong career.
Mommy sends {{{HUGS}}} to your Mama and Miss Tot who misses her Maxie.

XX Lounge Kats

Ikaika said...

We are so sorry! Poor Maxie. We are purring very hard for him. Our mom says Dr. Leonard should be liable for Maxie's care at Tufts. Healing purrs to all of you ...

Eric and Flynn said...

Poor Maxie. We send more healing purrs and hope you soon feel better.

Everycat said...

Sending more purrs and love for Maxie. Our Mum says you ought to pursue Dr Leonard for the cost of Maxie's care at Tufts. You would need a report from the Tufts vets to verify that in their view Maxie's problems were caused by inadequate care by Dr Leonard. Maybe get some legal advice?

This is a crappy ordeal for you and your family too, we hope it's soon over and Maxie heals up well.

Whicky Wuudler

cats of wildcat woods said...

We are all so sorry you had sucha bad vet dentist! There are good ones and bad ones in every feild. We are praying for Max and sending lots of love to you all.

Harry Spotter said...

I am so sorry that you and Maxie have been through such a rough time. We are all still purring and praying for Maxie and you. Keep us posted.

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh Lilly and Iris and MomLaura, we are so very sorry about Maxie. our the mom would sue the pants off that vet or in the very least make him pay for maxie's care at tufts. we are sending lots of purrrrrrsssssssss to Maxie

Kaz's Cats said...

We're purring and purraying lots and lots for Maxie to get better. What happened to him was so horrible. Big hugs to all of Maxie's family,


Gypsy & Tasha

Anonymous said...

Oh what a horrible experience for Maxie! I'm sending purrs for him to feel better very soon.


Furkidsmom said...

This is horrifying! How could any vet be like that? We agree...they should be paying for all of your extra Vet bills. We're purring loud and hard for Maxie.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Kari said...

Obviously this Dr L. person is a charlatan. And the fact that he refused to see Maxie when there was an issue and his defense of himself in light of overwhelming evidence he was negligent just proves it. I have been an RN (ICU + OR) for many many years and have seen the same with human physicians. She story line is always the same: refusal to see the patient, blaming the patient or family and defending what is not defendable. And when we nurses hear it we know we are dealing with an incompetent.
We will pray and purr our hearts out for Maxie!