Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi this is LL Maxie and Iris we had to steal the computer at the stabby place were we being torchered. If you read this please come brake us out all 3 of us are being toruchered wiff toothers cleeaning. Mama said she a bit nevous okay very nevous Last yeat Maxie walked into wall after toothers cleaning and after his fall cheek up he poo pee and puked on the way home.

So all our feinds please come brake us out. If a millon cute cats showed up at the vets they have to let us out. Mama Laura is worried Maxie thow a tantram all the way there he mewoed and mewoed and mewoed and when he was done he meowed some more. I LL was good but Maxie makes me upset when he carrys on like that. And Iris she was in compation wiff Maxie to see if her Meeze could be louder then his Mewo. she gets upset every time maxie dose.

I heard mama Talk wiff Dr C and she said I LL have to come in towmrow at 11:00 am That two whole days wiff no din din and Kibble take away at midnight I never going to live. I am a Fluffy cat of 14.8 lbs I like my food. I out way Maxie by 2.2 lbs and Iris by 4.2 lbs You see I need my fluff to thow my weight areound here.

I also here dr C say The D word. I am not going on a deit I enjoy fluffyness.

Everyone please purr for are dental today and my ultra sound tomrow


Kea said...

We're purring hard for you all and hoping the dental and ultra sound go smoothly!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Lilly Lu - we hope you aren't tortured too much - try for the sympathy vote when you get home afterwards.

Angel and Kirby said...

Lilly Lu, we hope you are ok! We know it seems like torture, but it is to keep you healthy! Sending purrs, now!

The Creek Cats said...

We are purraying very hard for you! Hope all goes well with your dental and ultrasound!

Carolina Cats said...

Never fear, Miss Lilly Lu, I am immediately drafting a letter to your v.e.t. demanding your release at once.

Finnegan J. Katz, Esq.

Katnip Lounge said...

Holy Cats. This is not Good News! Toofie cleaning and starvation, too! We're rooting for Maxie to do his "best", everywhere.
"Diet" is a four-letter word. Refuse to pawticipate!