Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NEW maxie info

Okay here what we belived happend wednesy night we were NPO becuse of toothers Maxie wanted din din he aked 5 or 6 times for it but he got no maxie. Maxie took matters into his own paws and ate something we bet it was plastic he loves plastic. He went to his toother cleaning and was typlical Max hiss growly attacking. He had anstiastia wook up and vomited they say a fur ball wiff a nasty smeell should have been sing one of reragtion and asprtion he came home reguated twice more Mama took him to tufts to see the great Dr C who examed him and said it was regation and maybe a stumic ulcer he had to take yucky pink medsion that he keeped thowing up Mama called tufts monday to ask what to do next they took maxie back found he had ephigligis and phomina from vomitting yester he was no eating no he no puked but today and last night he vommited so they ultra sounded his belly there they found somthing in his stumic , Now they doing an endosppey to find out what it is.

Lilly lu who wish maxie jsut get home

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Maggie May said...

Oh noes. We are purring and purraying very hard for sweet Maxie. Please get well soon friend.