Friday, October 29, 2010

A little update

The colds then the hots and the bugs came back and bit my hummans and made them lay in there beds and feel sick and watch lots of seessme street why blowing now every one is on anti botic and two of mt burps are haveing tubes placed in there ears and the last one will have his done after thanksgiving the ears nose and thought guy said that should help my burps ear infections. I been on hevy dutiy pink blanket nursing duity thin inclodes me putting pink blanket in my mouth kneeding all over it and makeing sure it just broken in and purring on it so i can nap and my healing presedes after i do all this work LL has desed she needs to find her cougre and stand up for her self on my pink blanket after i just spent all that time putting my smell into it. Not cool So I play a game with LL i lay down and i burry my head in her fur and she thinks it okay to lick my ears that when i put the bity on and she thinks she can use tha paw to the face and well it was not very pretty from there let just say the fur did fly right off my pink blanket

So to get me back she keeps paw punching me every time i get the crazys and run. So i had no choice but to play LL in the middle with iris.

LL is in a bossy street lately Iris and i have no choice but to put LL back in her place Let just say the worlds will you cats cut it out have been used more than once.

My burps are leaving town in a little whie and the evel cat sitter will be staying with us.

i have good news i can eat pill pocket and not get sick this is huge make me getting my 1/4 a pill much easyer on poor maam



Angel and Kirby said...

We hope all of your blurps are feeling better!

Sparkle said...

I am glad that your pill pockets are not working out for you, Maxie! Not so thrilled about the humans leaving town. You and Lilly Lu and Iris will have to come up with a proper punishment for when they come back.

Noll's Nip said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. Pill pockets are a good thing. Glad you have them :)