Saturday, October 2, 2010

mu shue ( yes we late we did not know what to say)

Mu shue would have been 19 years young. This year we were able to "talk" to him again though miss dawn are annaml commactor. We learned alot about mu shue and Lilly. I knew mu shue was never lilly lu best freind I also learned that he was very postive of me and made it a point to Lilly lu to know that.He was not always nice to Lilly however he did love her in his own way.

We were able to ask him about the fire he said the worst part was it was very very loud and that the noise relly bothered him he hid in a desk way underneath and in a draw. He said there was no place for Lily Lu in the draw so he had to help her hide some were else. He also said iris was very upset by the whole thing and was a pain in the tail so he had no choice but to put her in the draw with him and she smmoshed him explaning the bit mark on iris neck.

He said he was never scard i never come back for him and told the girls it was safe to come out He said he only did it becuse he wanted me to be happy cuse he knew I loved the girls and he loved me so much.

This year I almost forgot about his brithday I was so enoved with day to day life when on his brithday it rained and poored and i got wet and i relized It was just like the frist time i met him. I said to my self shoot it his gotya / purrday

I had to say I was sorry. I said mu shue I am comming down to your gave on the 30th On the afternoon of the 30th i went and picked up his annaul pumkin and a bunch of oronge mums for his gave. It was a very windy day and it started to rain. I looked up in the sky and said Mu shue winnford pooh not funny you want me to come vist you change the weather as soon as i got to the cemtary and made it to his lot the wind stop the rain stoped and the sun peaked out. I walked over to his gave and rized i had not tended to it like i should the gross was over grown i went to going about tending to it sang him happy purrday and happy gota day and his song about him being speical that i sang to him evey night walked back to my car as soon as i got back to my car the wwather started again I knew mu shue was okay and someday i see him again. I know he has kayla he told me he has his sissy up there and she found him and they have each other and he loved me and not to be so sad over him any more sometimes it just hard.

I have yet to ever go back to boston market thinking about how he loved it so If i left boston market on the table untented he always get it. I know maxie would be the same way. I see alot of mu shue in maxie and i knwo mu shue gave him to me in love


Angel and Kirby said...

THis is a very sweet tribute to Mu Shue!

Sparkle said...

I was very touched by your post about Mu Shue. I never knew him, but he was clearly one of those very special and rare kitties.

The Paw Relations said...

Such a beautiful tribute xxx

Jan's Funny Farm said...

They stay in our memories and we still love them long after they leave.

Boots, Ozzie and Brenda said...

We miss you Mu Shue and think about you often. Keep Ninja company till we see her again!