Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Dear Sparkle book finaly came

It took a while but it finly came in the mail yesterday. We been reading it wiff mama and we give the book too paws up sparkle gives some great adivice we love the letters so we deised we like to write are own

Lilly Lu siad she start

Dear Sparkle,

i used to be a fee fed kitty and i could nibble all say long. Then my borhter got sick and beusce he can't nibble on kibble any more i only see kibble at night and i am straving by the time I get it. I only get to nibble at night and i like my bean to watch me eat so i always leave some so she can worship me while i eat. but i miss the nibble How do i explan to her my need to nibble.


i like to Nibble

Maxie next

Dear Sparkle,

My momma has the most conferble pink blanket on her bed i snoze on it kneend it and make it my own evey day i love to sleep with it. but some times mama my mama like to lay on her bed with out going under the covers and wants me to share becuse she cold. I have no choice but to sit on her chest since it is my pink blanket but she said i getting heavy and it hard for her to breath breath how do i get my point that my pink blanket is all mine and that i not willing to share and i sorry she cold but it my blanket.

Pink blanket lover

Dear Sparkle,

I am a simimmiee and it is written i meezee my complantes loudly and since i am hunrgry at 2;55 am I have to meeze in the ear of my humman this behavior dose not get me feed but kicked out of the bed room and the door slamed so i must meeze even louder. How do i get my lazy hummans to get up and listen to me and feed me an extra can of paw-licking- chicken

Meezing in the morning


Angel and Kirby said...

WE have not read Sparkle's book, but like your letters! Maybe you will get the help you need. I can see Lilly and Iris are hungry but Maxie wants to be comfortable!

Sparkle said...

Okay, let's see if I can come up with some answers here...

Dear I Like to Nibble,
Consider yourself lucky you ever got to graze - we never did! We get fed at mealtimes only. Although I am a natural grazer and I only pick at my food. So maybe you should get your human to do what mine does: she gives me a little food, and then she gives me more later several times throughout the evening. Plus she watches me when I eat because if she doesn't, Binga will eat my food. Yes, this is more work for the human, but that is what they are there for.

Dear Pink Blanket Lover,
Why doesn't your human get her own blanket? Why does she insist on using yours? She has a choice: have you on her chest or get her own blanket. Maybe she likes the pink blanket too because it smells like you. If that's the case, I would be a little flattered (but she still should have her own blanket).

Dear Meezing in the morning,
Maybe you should get a snack before your human goes to bed. If you already do, and you are hungry later, the least your human can do is keep a few treats hidden to give you when she puts you out of the bedroom. Note that none of this requires you to stop meowing.

Hope some of this helps!