Thursday, February 1, 2007

thusday thierteen (iris)

Well next week the day I go to the cat Inn I got my list and Lilly Lu and Mu shue said they help pack me

1) pictures ( of mama laura, mu shue lilly and of course my little dobby) giggle giggle

2) a fishing poll they got a big fish tank I going fishing

3) My quilt on the sun chair ( I wanted to pack the whole chair but mu shue convised me not too I wonder why??)

4) My bincolyus they got a speical place that you can go out side when it warm and see bridy and squirls and it Cottye free)

5) feather butt mousie ( never leave home wiff out them)

6) wrily bird ( onther faviort I packing the purrple one)

7) my catnip pillow

8) My speical tape ( mu shue and mama Laura made me a speical tape for when i gone)

9) My cat TV vido they got a place were i can watch tv

10) some mu shue speical nip ( he can't need it all can he)

12 my sungle safe ( so i can be tucked in every night and stay warm dreem of dobby )

13. my bursh My furr need burshing every day and I luff brushing


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

wow - sounds like a luxury vacation resort. do you get your own room?

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow, you're going to have lotsa of fun at the Cat Inn Iris. And with how darling you are, you'll get lotsa spoiling!
Take care sweetie and your mama will be home before you know it.

PS I'd look for some Mu Shue Pooh hair on your favorite sun chair when you get back....

jeterharris said...

hey lilly ...
wuttabowt yer pink red-sox cap?