Thursday, December 28, 2006

#3 LillyLu 's Threiday thrireeen

mu shue made his shopping list For mama Laura Purrday And he said I need to makee mine her Purrday is jan18th. Let us now what we left out

Thirteen Things to get for Mama Laura Purday Jan 18 aquca gradens (mu shue put a kitty drink well foution on his list so wee need some green for munching on too

2. tem-tay-tion dairy flaviored ( mu shue and Iris like chicken me a i dairyy type of girl)\

3. ice cream ( My faviort tree what a party with out ice cream)

4) Cake wiff Mu shue Iris and I wishing her a happy purrday

5) Pin the tail mu shue butt( hay we need some enterment)

6)this kootie dress to were to the party( i know it a dag but imagie my

7.rosie the rat
make an great party favior

8. A wrirly bird ( I fink mama Laura need some catersize she starting to look a bit wide boady her self.)

9. Feather butt mousie A nother great party favior

10. a home made pink cat quit by bat bandat and holly mama ( hay a girl needs a place to nap after she has a full belly of tem-tay-tion and ice cream

11. garent and cat jewarly by house of mostly black cats mama robin ( oh shoot Mu shue were dose mama keep the mastercat there only free shipping untill the end of decmber)

12. Sparkle Balls Iris said They the best party favior

13. a litter box filled wiff sweet scoop ( so Mamma Laura dont have to clean up next to the box on her purrday were I do my bussenss when it not filled wiff sweet scoop)

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Dragonheart said...

That's a great list! I hope your Mama Laura has a Happy Purrday. My mom says that 10 and 11 sound like great gifts!

Sparky Duck said...

pin the tail in the mu shue butt sounds fun!

Daisy said...

I would love a rosie the rat, it looks FUN!