Friday, December 15, 2006

Changle update

Well I am from Ma that means I a fan Of the boston Red sox The best base ball team going My mama goes to game every summer and This year she even has hope they going to the world sezies again. So we changled a Yankees fanJeter Harris to were a red sox hat but not only a red sox hat A PINK red sox hat. Maybe he even thow in a sing saying Red Sox Will will the world seires Since we know they will.

Here what he gets when he dose it

We will giff 10 dollors to libby vet bills

and 10 dollors to an amaimal resuce orgaizion of his chocieing

and His Mama said she Match IT !!!!!

So come let raise money for Libby !!!! Help support Jeter Harris

1 comment:

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

That is a great challenge Lilly! I can't wait to see Jeter Harris' picture. We luv your thursday 13 too.
Mommy says you are a female who knows what she wants, and what she doesn't. Good for you!
Happy Hannukah to your family!