Thursday, May 17, 2007

meme ( iris)

I dont get to blog much Lilly Lu like to hog the blog becuse that okay becuse i only got a few days left in my kittenhood so i got to make the most of it since I almost a big girl now i be one on June 11.

seven radom facts about me

1. I rather play then eat

2. I am not fussy and luv just about any food

3. I can yowal like you never heard any time i am upset

4. I am scard of the dark any time the lights go completly off i start to pace and then cry and yowal and cry and pace it not a very pretty sight I have night lights all around just in case.

5. My faviort toy is my feather ball toys / feather but mousie i dont know why they land under the couch

6. I hate haveing my picuter taken

7. I have profected the game NO IRIS NO ... i luv to brake things it more than a hobby it a way of life. Mama Laura has goten good at catching fing but i still like the sound crash !! or scraching futerer I sure she loves this game as she keep repting it all over untill I then have to change my name to @$#**@ IRIS YOUR GOING TO BE THE END OF ME


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Iris, yoor getting to be a lady cat now yoo shood stop ripping up furniture. I used to do dat too, my name was $@*^itsadiestopit fur awhile. I still like to drop stuff off da shelves, I just don't fit up der so well anymore...

Hot(M)BC said...

That's a great name, @$#**@ IRIS YOUR GOING TO BE THE END OF ME! It's got a real ring to it. It was fun learning more about you.
your bud Pepi

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I like your new name Iris. I have one similar to that because I too am a scratcher. We also have the feather ball in common. I love the one you sent me. It is great fun.
It is cute that you "brake things it more than a hobby it a way of life". Of course I'm sure beans don't agree, I do.
I'm glad you got to blog Iris. We like hearing about you too.